Pet Transportation Rates

Pet Transportation

Go Fetch is the ideal solution for times when you are not able to transport your pet.

At Go Fetch, the safety and care of your pet is our biggest concern. During transportation with us, your pet can be in a travel crate or secured with a harness and seatbelt, whichever you prefer. Pets ride in the back seat areas of the vehicle. We can also provide an extra member of the Go Fetch team for those transport times when a pet is ill, anxious in a vehicle, or just needs a little extra care.

Your pet can be transported from your home to their groomer or veterinarian even if you are unable to take them.  If a car problem or a mid-day meeting at work prevents you from taking your pet to their appointment, Go Fetch will gladly help!

If your pet requires extra attention at the Emergency Animal Clinic, we will transport them to and from EAC and their veterinarian as needed.

We offer other transportation options as well, such as providing a wagon ride for those who have trouble walking from the vehicle to the vet office!  Just let Go Fetch know your needs and we will set up the transportation option that fits your situation!

Go Fetch also offers long distance pet transportation!

If you want a pet delivered to you from somewhere (maybe a puppy from Arizona!) or you need your pet delivered to another location (Best Friends Rescue, for example!), we can help!    Go Fetch offers a Travel Package which can include the following:

Overnight stay at Go Fetch prior to departure morning                        Luxury accommodations during transport
Bottled water readily available during transport                                   Overnight stay at Pet-Friendly hotel during transport
Meals and Medications as directed                                                        Prompt delivery at pre-determined destination

Call for additional details and rates!

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Reservations are necessary to assure individual attention for you and your pet!

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